relieve back pain toppers from MagneHealth

Relieve Back Pain – Toppers

Relieve back pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, muscle & joint pain, poor circulation and stress with a MagneHealth Topper

  • Natural, drug-free pain relief whilst you sleep (the body heals at the greatest degrees at night)
  • Standard Quilted Cotton or luxury Merino Wool for superior softness and warmth
  • North facing ceramic magnets with an expected life of 20 years
  • MagneHealth Toppers/Underblankets are fully washable with elastic corner straps that fasten securely to the mattress
  • All MagneHealth Toppers/Underblankets are supplied with a 60 day (from date of purchase) money back guarantee for additional peace of mind

Product Description

  • All MagneHealth Toppers/Underblankets have an inner removable layer, containing hundreds of Strontium ferrite North facing magnets within individual pockets to prevent “clumping”.
  • About the size of a 5 pence piece, the magnets help to relax the body, relieve back pain and encourage general health improvement.
  • Magnetism is rapidly absorbed into the tissues and bloodstream, particularly at night-time, helping to improve overall health and fitness, whilst also increasing daily energy and strength as well as relieve back pain.
  • Disclaimer:- please read this before using magnetic therapy products:
    In the case of pregnancy, treatment for cancer of if you have any sort of medical implant such as a pacemaker, insulin pump or defibrillator, magnetic therapy is not recommended. White Cloud does not diagnose, prescribe or make any medical claims. Magnetic therapy is not intended to replace medical advice or prescriptions. No guarantee of effectiveness is made with the use of magnetic therapy products as individual results may vary. As a precaution we advise you to keep electronic, electrical and magnetic devices away from magnetic therapy products as it may affect their performance.



Place your MagneHealth Underblanket on top of the mattress, and under the cotton sheet. An electric blanket may be used, but this MUST be placed directly on the mattress, and underneath the MagneHealth Underblanket.

Q. How long might it take before I notice a difference?
A. This very much varies from person to person to relieve back pain, but generally between 5-21 days but it might take considerably longer if you are needing help with a longstanding medical condition.

Q. What difference can I expect to feel?
A. Firstly, you will sleep deeper and wake feeling more refreshed and energised. Over time you should notice a reduction in aches and pains and an improvement in your health. It is highly unusual, but it is possible that you may initially feel worse and not better. If this happens, we would recommend introducing the underblanket gradually (eg one night on, 2 or 3 nights off). If you are needing to treat a long standing problem, please be patient as it is not going to disappear overnight and you may experience feeling worse before feeling better.

Q. Should I increase my water intake?
A. Yes, to aid the detoxification process we recommend that you drink 1.5 litres of water per day for the first two to three weeks. The additional water helps eliminate toxins from your body.

Q. How thick is the wool fleece and will I find it hot in the Summer?
A. The fleece is about 1″ deep and because wool is the only natural fibre that is able to “breathe” it is therefore able to regulate individual body temperature which means it can keep you cool in Summer and warm in Winter.  If you decide to put a cotton mattress protector over the Underblanket, it will not interfere with the action of the magnets. 

Q. Is there any difference in the magnets used between the Cotton or Wool toppers?
A. No, the magnets are exactly the same (1000 gauss ceramic Strontium ferrite) in all MagneHealth toppers/underblankets.
Although the magnets used in MagneHealth Toppers are static (and do not resonate or pulse) it is advisable to keep mobile phones, lap-tops and digital devices a reasonable distance away from your bed.


“Easy to fit, soft to the touch and very comfortable.  I have only had it less than a week, but have had some good nights’ sleep and it may be my imagination, my relief from back pain is feeling better already”  Kathryn Carter

“My Underblanket has revitalised my life.  I have had it for six weeks now and fall asleep within minutes and sleep for six, seven or eight unbroken hours.  My aches and pains are much improved and if I am stiff after gardening, I no longer take Ibruprofen, as a night’s sleep on the blanket solves it”  Sally Johnson – Devon

“I bought Underblankets for both my parents about two years ago and they have never looked back.  They both have a more restful sleep and feel better in themselves”

“Although I have ME and Arthritis, I am now able to sleep soundly and my whole body feels much better and it relieves back pain.  It is such a relief to sink into my comfy bed.  As mentioned on the telephone, I have not had to go to my Osteopath for a number of months now – thank you for introducing me to your wonderful Underblanket and Cushions”  Mrs Pennefather – Hampshire

“I just wanted to write and say how quite amazing the Underblanket is.  We put it on the bed at once so it is nearly three weeks now and Peter is convinced it is helping him relieve back pain.  I don’t have any aches or pains but I do find that I don’t stay awake for hours when disturbed in the night”   Mrs G Wimperis – Stroud


For Quilted Cotton Underblankets: Hand wash with detergent, do not spin. Hang to drip dry. Do not Dry Clean. Can be spot cleaned if necessary.
For Merino Wool Underblankets: First remove inner layer containing magnets. Outer wool cover: Gentle wool wash, using wool detergent. Do not spin and hang to drip dry. Can be hung in the sun to refresh the wool.

These MagneHealth Quilted Cotton and/or Merino Wool Toppers to relieve back pain are also available on Amazon (click here) and eBay

“In December 2012 I fractured my back, when I fell from my horse.  Sleeping was not something that came easily or was particularly comfortable.  My MagneHealth topper is blissfully comfortable to sleep on and without doubt it assisted my sleep patterns and relieve back pain.  Interestingly I could sleep on my back for longer periods than usual.  It would be fair to say it has assisted my recovery as well – all in all I can thoroughly recommend this to anyone”  Jemima Parry-Jones MBE Gloucestershire


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