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MagneHealth has been selling high quality Relief from Pain products since 2005, known for their effectiveness and designed specially for us. We have thousands of satisfied customer and a very high level of repeat business - so why not give MagneHealth products a try

Not waking hot at night

Not waking hot at night or uncomfortable “I got my order yesterday; the products are wonderful. First time in months- even years, that I didn’t wake up hot and uncomfortable. I usually wake up several times a night. Last night I fell asleep whilst reading a book about 11 pm, and was amazed to wake […]

Sleeping on a cloud mattress

It’s like sleeping on a cloud mattress topper “I just wanted to write and say how quite amazing the underblanket is. We put it on the bed at once so it is nearly three weeks now and Peter is convinced it is helping him with his poor back. I don’t have any aches or pains […]

Osteopath for Arthritis?

No more visits to the Osteopath for Arthritis anymore! “Although I have ME and Arthritis, I am now able to sleep soundly and my whole body feels much better. It is such a relief to sink into my comfy bed. As I mentioned on the telephone, I have not had to go to my Osteopath for […]

No heating pad – Delighted!

No heating pad we are both delighted “No Heating Pad – it may be a bit early to tell yet, but I haven’t had to use my heat pad in the night since using the magnetic blanket. It feels fantastic and must improve the circulation as I haven’t used a hot water bottle either. We […]

Sleeping Better

Sleeping Better “I am writing to say such a big thank you! I would highly recommend your products. I am so glad that we went “all the way” and invested in the underblanket ; the packaging says 5-21 days to feel a difference but my first night was bliss” Annie T-M of Cirencester

Restful sleep

More restful sleep and feeling better “I bought your underblankets for my parents and they have never looked back. They both have a more restful sleep and feel better in themselves” Click here to buy MagneHealth products for restful sleep

Fractured back – back pain relief

Fractured back when I fell from my horse “In December 2012 I fractured my back, when I fell from my horse.  Sleeping was not something that came easily or was particularly comfortable.  I was given a MagneHealth Underblanket to try out.  It is blissfully comfortable to sleep on, plus my house is freezing.  Without doubt […]