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Back Pain   –   Headaches   –   Migraines   –   Arthritis   –   Insomnia   –   Sleeplessness   –   Sciatica   –   Fibromyalgia   –   Sports Injuries   –   Pet Aches & Pains   –   Relief from pain

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Started in 2006, MagneHealth UK offers a comprehensive and unique range of good quality, value for money magnet therapy products to provide relief from pain for the following conditions:

“Although I have ME and Arthritis, I am now able to sleep soundly and my whole body feels much better. It is such a relief to sink into my comfy bed. As I mentioned on the telephone, I have not had to go to my Osteopath for a number of months now- thank you for introducing me to your wonderful underblanket and cushions“  Mrs Pennefather, Hampshire

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Pain Relief with MagneHealth.

All our magnet therapy products have been designed for comfortable daily use, to help increase natural energy and provide drug-free relief from pain. MagneHealth Pain Relief products are also available to purchase on Amazon and eBay Available to buy securely online or over the telephone, this unique range of effective magnetic therapy products has been our business since 2006.  The excellent feedback from customers (mostly word of mouth) who have benefited from these products has helped us increase and improve the choice of products we now offer.  Managing pain and discomfort can often be expensive, hit or miss and develop reliance on expensive prescription medication. MagneHealth offers natural relief from pain by relaxing muscle and tissue without the body building up resistance or immunity as can happen with medication.  If you are looking for relief from pain, give MagneHealth products a try! Call 01531 670019 near the top of this page.